Friday, September 17, 2010


This week's perspective from Bob Reid:

Ever since it was announced that Quebecor Media Inc. wanted to launch a new national news & current affairs channel, it has been a flashpoint issue for some on the left. They immediately labeled SUN TV “Fox News North,” and have used every opportunity to denounce the notion of another source of opinion on Canadian television. So it really wasn’t surprising that Kory Teneycke, who took on the job of building, staffing and launching the new channel, became such a lightning rod for said critics’ ire. Teneycke became a well-known right of centre political voice during his tenure as Prime Minister Stephen Harper ’s director of communications, and the attacks against him and SUN TV became progressively more visceral as time went by. So it was not very surprising yet really very commendable that Tenycke would step down this week, saying that his continued involvement in the project would only "further inflame" the controversy. He’s right. And he did the right thing. We’ve noted before that if your tactics become the story, then you’ve lost your ability to tell the story you want to get out there. Ditto if, as in this case, the messenger overwhelms the message. It remains to be seen whether, by taking himself out of the equation, Teneycke will be giving SUN TV a less rocky ride. But what is for sure is the fact that he really had little choice but to try.

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