Friday, September 24, 2010


This week's perspective from Bob Reid:

I haven’t written anything about Christine O’Donnell, the U.S. Senate nominee from Delaware, and I wouldn’t usually advocate the short-notice cancelation of a round of high-profile media interviews, so let’s deal with both, shall we? O’Donnell, a Republican who has become the fledgling Tea Party’s latest dreamboat, has rocketed to media stardom since pulling off an upset win – and for being the focus of a treasure trove of quotes from archival media interviews that even Karl Rove has deemed “a lot of nutty things.” From calling homosexuality “an identity disorder” to denouncing condom use, masturbation and lying even if it would have saved someone from the Holocaust, my personal favourite is from a never-aired (?!) 1999 episode of “Politically Incorrect” in which she confessed to Bill Maher that she had “dabbled in witchcraft … but was careful to stress that she never actually joined a coven. Suddenly, talking about whether you “inhaled” just ain’t edgy anymore. But the play I’m calling a Touchdown is her short-notice decision to cancel a round of major network TV interviews originally scheduled for this weekend. Her camp is claiming conflicts with some must-attend events in her home state, but I don’t think I’m out on a limb by suggesting she took the advice of someone who convinced her that going through with the spots would be a very, very bad idea. The Sunday morning shows are the centre ring of U.S. political debate. She would be grilled hard for a long list of comments and other questions about use of campaign funds and a variety of other stuff – and by all indications, she wouldn’t be able to hack it. Taking some time out of the limelight and going through intensive media coaching would be a very wise course of action, one which I suspect she is following. Sure, O”Donnell is taking flack for the cancelations, but I think that’s short term pain for … well, we’ll see how she does when she finally does make the rounds. But right now, it’s the right call.

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