Friday, September 10, 2010


One of the fundamentals we cover in our Veritas Media Coaching sessions is the importance of consistency of message among an organization’s spokespeople. So it was more than a bit odd to see a photo of several Quebec Conservative MPs mugging for the cameras sporting old Quebec Nordiques NHL sweaters, juxtaposed against their boss, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, saying that his government does not and will not fund NHL franchises. Talk about a mixed message. At issue is the potential for federal funding for a new, NHL-calibre arena in Quebec City, the former home of the Nordiques and crucial ground for the Conservatives in the pending federal election. The city and province have announced financial support for the new venue, and there is pressure on the feds to follow suit as an infrastructure project – something the Harper government has done on countless occasions. So why the massive disconnect between the very clear signal that the MPs sent with their photo-op and the back-stopping which followed from the PM and his officials? Especially when numerous other cities have unsuccessfully sought federal bucks for their own sports palace plans? Fumble

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