Friday, August 6, 2010


This week's perspective from Joe Chidley:

Toronto city councillor Adam Giambrone’s bid for mayor was effectively cancelled in February when the Toronto Star published revelations that he had sexual liaisons with different partners. Like many other Torontonians, I didn’t really think that was any of my business, and certainly did not reflect on his performance or potential at city hall. Now, months on, and despite bowing out of the campaign, Giambrone has since then proceeded to do his job—and do it visibly—exactly as if he felt the same way. That “let’s move on” attitude is reflected in his continued media omnipresence as chair of the Toronto Transit Commission , the service Torontonians love to hate. Most notably, Giambrone has stuck with his “On the Rocket” show, a unique broadcast on CP24 that has him interviewing folks and fielding questions about public transit while riding an in-service streetcar through town. It’s great positioning for him and for the TTC brand, because it shows both to be active, involved and in-touch with their customers. For Giambrone, it’s also smart reputation rehabilitation. When your private life becomes public knowledge, there are only two ways to go: into hiding, or into the spotlight. Giambrone has chosen the more daring route, and I’d argue he’s done it well.

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