Friday, August 6, 2010


This week's perspective from Joe Chidley:

If reports are true, legendary NFL quarterback Brett Favre really, really likes text messages. Maybe too much for his own good. The sports media were all a-twitter this week over rumours that Favre, who at 40 is legendary for his stamina as QB for the Minnesota Vikings, might be retiring. The source of those rumours? Texts that teammates say Favre sent hinting that he wasn’t going to return to the field come this fall. (Favre denies sending the texts, which means someone isn’t telling the whole truth. And oddly, this is not the only texting-related Favre story this week, as allegations surfaced that he emailed pictures of his private parts to a sports reporter and ex-model named Jenn Sterger. ) What ensued was an ongoing melodrama—familiar to followers of Favre’s career—of will-he-or-won’t-he, and it still wasn’t over even after an alarmed Vikings management reportedly upped his contract for the 2010 season from $13 million to $20 million. But it’s not about the money, Favre insisted. From the seat of his pickup truck, he gave reporters a brief interview saying that his decision really rested on the fragile state of his injured left ankle. That explanation strained credulity, however, because in the back of his truck was a mountain bike, and Favre admitted he was off to take a ride. Maybe you could give the aged footballer marks for digital creativity and, umm, outright ballsiness. But the press was having none of it. Reporters blasted him for “Textgate,” accusing him of manipulating his teammates and the media. Looks like they have a point.

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