Friday, July 16, 2010


This week's perspective from Com.motion:

Isaiah Mustafa likely didn’t know where his role as the “Old Spice Man” was headed when he shot his first commercial for Old Spice deodorant. As you’ve no doubt seen, the Old Spice Man has had an explosive week. Leveraging real time content, online influencers and some interesting commentary from online conversations, Old Spice has managed to achieve over five million impressions this week online. Building on the success of the “I’m On A Horse” commercial, Old Spice took a leap. Old Spice engaged a group of agency copywriters and social media folks to produce one-minute videos directly addressing people online, focusing on those with Twitter accounts. Producing on average one video every seven minutes for two days, Old Spice took the advertising world by storm in real time. Often spoken about, but infrequently done by brands, real time personalization was the key for this campaign. Old Spice targeted everyone from celebrities like Alyssa Milano to folks with as few as 100 followers online, going so far as to facilitate an engagement! This is a great example of aligning with a client, producing real time content and engaging consumers in a way that we haven't seen done quite like this before. Against all odds, Isaiah Mustafa is now an iconic brand image that has created huge waves online and won’t soon be forgotten.

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