Friday, July 9, 2010


This week's perspective from Com.motion:

This week the Obama Administration launched 17 new mobile applications for the iPhone in an attempt to close the technology gap between the public and private sectors. Since taking office, the administration has consistently attempted to communicate in new ways, specifically targeting social media and now mobile. Found at, the applications smartly target the needs of Americans on the go and the correlating requirements of American citizens. Examples include: an Alternative Fuel Locator, FEMA Mobile (emergency services), Find Your Embassy, Product Recalls, UV Index, and two applications focusing on healthier food consumption and body mass index. Given the popularity of the Apple App Store, the Administration has focused its efforts there for now. The Obama Administration is leveraging technology and taking the opportunity to find new ways to bring government services and information to Americans, rather than the status quo approach of having them find it. Offering YouTube videos has better spread the President’s message while encouraging a new audience beyond television and radio to view Presidential Addresses. Mobile applications will not only help Americans to better understand government services, but as a result of providing these simple tools, word of mouth will spread and complaints will most like be reduced. Time will tell.

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