Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This week's perspective from Joe Chidley:

Has the darling of Stratford, Ontario jumped the proverbial shark? “Mayhap, verily!” as they say in hip-hop singing sensation Justin Bieber’s home town. But maybe his time has come only among a very well-defined demographic set – namely, people who are not screaming 12-year-old girls. Greg Leuch, a web developer and designer based in New York, has developed and released a handy-dandy software application that will erase all memory and mention of the omnipresent teen star from your computer. The point of it, Leuch told the Globe and Mail, was to help a friend stop getting so many Justin Bieber hits on his web searches. But that innocuous back story hasn’t stopped hordes of “Beliebers” from flaming Leuch up and down the Internet—including a death threat or two, which Leuch has dutifully posted online. Touchdown, Greg Leuch, for latching onto an online phenom (Bieber) and becoming part of ‘Net history. As for Bieber—well, can even more Bieberadicators be far behind?

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