Friday, June 11, 2010


This week's perspective from Bob Reid:

Questionable spending by politicians is nothing new, especially at Toronto City Hall, ironically the same place that also whines regularly about how broke the big smoke is. So it’s a galling – and a right-in-its-wheelhouse kind of story – that the Toronto Sun splashed on its front page this week, of retiring councillor Kyle Rae throwing himself a $12,000 send-off at the Rosewater Supper Club, paid for by taxpayers. Apparently it’s an allowable “office expense” under the rules. But when confronted by the Sun at the event, rather than attempting to explain or rationalize, Rae simply blew off reporter Don Peat: “I am not talking to you. I am doing something else tonight,” he sniffed at the time. Later, after mayoral candidate Rob Ford seized on the issue and called on Rae to pay back the tab, Rae declared himself “tired of the Sun plague” when he was again given a chance to comment. Rae’s not running for re-election, so I suppose it’s his call if he wants to take a pounding in the press without the slightest effort to defend himself. But by refusing to comment, he is speaking volumes as to what he thinks about what the rest of us think of him. Fumble.

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