Monday, May 17, 2010


This week's perspective from Bob Reid:

She’s been under fire for weeks, ultimately ending up out of Stephen Harper’s cabinet, out of the Conservative caucus, and verboten from running as a party candidate in the next election. So Helena Guergis had little – make that nothing – to lose when she agreed to sit down with Peter Mansbridge for an exclusive one-on-one interview on CBC-TV. With the exception of how a packet of drugs ended up in husband (former MP) Rahim Jaffer’s pocket (“He has no idea,” she said – and Mansbridge let that go?!) Guergis was overall frank and forthright on all that has befallen her. She flatly denied ever using drugs, having any real estate or bank accounts in Belize, or letting Jaffer use her office or status for any improper purpose. But her key message – and the one which came through most clearly – was one of frustration with never being provided with any specifics on the allegedly criminal allegations which even the Prime Minister pointed to as the heart of the matter. That, combined with the fortuitous appearance on Parliament Hill the next day by private eye Derrick Snowdy – who said he’s got nothing on her in that regard – saw this story definitely take a turn back in Guergis’ favour this week. It worked. Touchdown.

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