Thursday, March 11, 2010


This week's perspective from Bob Reid:

Nothing says “man of the people” like having a few cold ones and watching the big game, eh? Numerous political players were trying to get in on the nation’s singular focus on the gold medal hockey game last Sunday in Vancouver – something which must be done deftly, lest it backfire big time. Before the games opened, I offered a blanket warning to politicians about trying to hard to horn-in on the Olympic spotlight. So there was federal NDP leader Jack Layton, comfortably ensconced at Gretzky’s bar, in the company of his wife (MP Olivia Chow) and several hundred delirious hockey fans, rabidly cheering on Team Canada. CTV cut back to Gretzky’s several times during the game, so Jack was getting some quality “hey, look at me, just like all the real people” airtime. All was going well, until the moment of Sidney Crosby’s OT game-winner. The country went nuts, CTV cut to various gathering spots, and there at Gretzky’s was Layton and the rest of the crowd, exploding in celebration, arms up in the … uh-oh. When an exuberant celebrant in front of Layton started blocking him from the camera shot, he reached up, grabbed her arm, and pulled it down, ensuring an unobstructed view for the nation’s TV viewers. The move was captured on tape and uploaded by, complete with slo-mo replay. Fumble … or is it two minutes for holding?

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