Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Man, for a guy who’s apparently really worried about coming off as a “DB” he really talks a lot about being worried about being a “DB” and you can’t help but thinking about him being a “DB” by the end of it. That’s my thumbnail take on the lengthy interview by John Mayer in the current issue of Playboy. I read it online, no pictures. Honest. But speaking of pictures, Mayer goes on at length in the interview about how he really likes his porn, as well as solo activities often related thereto, and, if that wasn’t enough, equates his private part to that of “a white supremacist” or “David Duke.” On this note, he’s taking a lot of heat right now (in ripple-effect media coverage about this very interview) for dropping the N-word, but in the context of the full statement, I can see how he wasn’t using it to be offensive – quite the contrary, actually. But what Mayer clearly doesn’t get is that you can never use a word like that an expect it to be heard in any other way. And yes, he talks a lot (I mean, a LOT) about Jennifer Aniston (most of which is rather tender, I thought) and also Jessica Simpson (much more carnally - “Yeah, that girl is like crack cocaine to me.”) It’s frank, it’s candid, and it’s an interview that left me wondering what the hell he was trying to accomplish. And because I can’t figure that out (unless it’s a pure publicity stunt aimed at selling records with zero regard for his personal brand), it tells me that Mayer had no strategic plan going in. He just talked and talked and talked about whatever was on his mind. At one point, most tellingly, he tells the reporter “you can print that” – apparently not understanding that he can – and did – actually print ALL of it. Maybe he was telling the honest truth when he said “in 2010 my goal is to get more mentions in US Weekly than ever.” Heavier Things indeed.

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