Sunday, February 28, 2010


Here is this week's perspective from TD&F Special Teams, com.motion:

In the world of business, surprises are infrequently welcome. Taking steps to avoid any anxiety inducing surprises a day before it would become public, Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein sent a letter to employees letting them now that revenues for this fiscal year were well below forecasts. Throughout the end of 2008 and 2009 we’ve seen many attempts at internal communications and employee engagement aimed at cushioning tough news, striving to retain employees and to keep moral high in the work place. Often overlooked, quality employee communications that are inspirational rather than simply informational is a craft with a measureable benefit in the workplace. If you read Rubinstein’s letter to employeesm, it is an attempt to diffuse surprise by providing information with one caveat. He attempts to end the letter with a spark of energy and enthusiasm to overcome the preceding bad news. His last phrase in the letter is “Go team!!!”. It comes terribly out of place after a letter of bad news and has been teased around the internet broadly in the aftermath. Just do a quick search on Twitter for examples. Engagement can’t be achieved through the use of exclamation points or cliché motivation statements. It needs to be real and built around the realities in your work force. This is an unfortunately Fumble for Jon Rubinstein and Palm at a difficult time for their business.

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