Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This week's perspective from Orli Giroux Namian:
Ford Motor Company has come a long way down the road from the days when car afficionados joked that FORD stood for Fix Or Repair Daily. From having weathered the recession far better than either GM or Chrysler, to recent wins in consumer satisfaction and quality surveys, Ford has been on a roll. Small wonder that Ford wants to tout its improved quality ratings in its advertising campaigns. "Ford quality is equal to Toyota" goes the claim in its current Ford Drive One TV commercial. With Toyota having long been a byword for reliability, the ad would have seemed right on message when the copy was hot off the printer at Ford’s Ad agency. The early reviews praised Ford's savvy for targeting Toyota's market at a time when the high Yen has made its cars less competitive in North America. What Ford hadn't counted on was Toyota’s massive global recall, sales halt on eight models and the highly-publicized apology for quality failures made by Toyota's President Akio Toyoda. The lesson here is that it's all very well to compare yourself to the industry leader but you'd better stay on top of the news currents or you run the risk of being run off course.

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