Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This week's perspective from TD&F Special Teams, com.motion:
The debate over file sharing and the United States’ Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is far from over and Google may have just fanned the flames. Earlier this week, Google deleted six of the most popular music blogs (including all archived information) on its popular blogging site Blogger.com. Music blogs have been instrumental (pun intended) in the spread and rise in popularity of independent music over the past few years. Although it remains unconfirmed, blog owners have insisted they were not hosting any copyrighted material, nor were they issued any notices to remove their content as would be customary in an infringement situation. Google has defended their actions saying, “When we receive multiple DMCA complaints about the same blog, and have no indication that the offending content is being used in an authorized manner, we will remove the blog.” Pushback was instant, spreading on Twitter through the use of the popularized hashtag #musicblogocide2k10 Without weighing into issues of copyright, we’re calling this a Fumble. Failing to communicate with blog owners and the wider blogging community created fertile grounds for complaints. Normally more savvy of the online space, Google would have benefited from posting its rationale prior to deleting the blogs, not after.

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