Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This week's perspective from Orli Giroux Namian:

In recent years, most news stories involving air travel have involved some form of poor customer service resulting in frazzled and frustrated passengers. From interminable delays, through limited snacks to lost luggage, we have come to expect very little from our airlines. This week however, both Air Canada and WestJet delivered where it really matters, making a major contribution to Haitian relief efforts with volunteer-staffed planes, chock full of aid workers and vital emergency response cargo. From a humanitarian standpoint, the Touchdown is obvious. From a communications standpoint, Air Canada deserves a special nod for its clear description of the team effort and complicated logistics required to get aid into a disaster zone - admitting how important the lessons learned from prior relief efforts were to rapid planning and execution this time around. This non-boastful narrative, coupled with validation by a third party aid agency noting “how everyone from the airlines to the airport authorities are really committed to just working together and doing the right thing and getting the relief that we can out of the abundance we have here,” makes for a perfect recipe for communications success. Touchdown to our airlines for being able to deliver both the much needed aid and the message.

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