Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Now that people are getting used to the new, higher fares, the TTC is wisely changing the channel by announcing a new effort to assess exactly where and how it can truly become the better way. TTC chair Adam Giambrone and Chief General Manager Gary Webster announced plans to bring together what they call a “blue ribbon panel” of outside experts to advise the transit system on how to improve. "There have been other attempts [to improve service] in the past. Clearly, though, I think those haven't worked. So at this point you have to say, 'Look, we've tried a number of initiatives, they haven't worked.' Now we're going to take the next step,” Giambrone told reporters. Good messaging, especially in the face of a 20 per cent increase in complaints. But he fell short of a Touchdown due to lack of details – no specifics on who would be part of the panel or what “blue ribbon” credentials would be brought to the table. Still, being seen to be consulting and listening to your customers is as important as actually doing it. Good start.

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