Friday, October 2, 2009


This week's perspective from Kathy Barnett

I’m a Leafs fan. There - I’ve said it. And as soon as this is circulated, all the crazy Habs fans I work with here at Veritas (yes, there are lots of them, God help me) will be all over me about it. Even so, I’ve been carefully quiet about my opinions on Leafs GM Brian Burke and the moves he has made to rebuild my (our, his) team. I’m biding my time, waiting until we actually make the playoffs to congratulate him. Luckily, though, Mr. Burke uttered a Touchdown-worthy statement in a media interview just prior to this week’s season opener against those pesky Habs. Commenting on how it feels to be at the helm of the team that is (at least in my opinion) the centre of the hockey universe, Burke said, "It's awesome. It's the Vatican. It's everything." Sometimes, a perfectly placed metaphor or analogy can convey your meaning as strongly as an entire suite of key messages. In this case, I know exactly what Burke means.

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