Friday, October 2, 2009


What WAS she thinking? Toronto Councillor Sandra Bussin went after former (and potentially returning?) Toronto mayoral candidate John Tory, who now hosts a radio show on NewsTalk 1010, attacking his criticism of Mayor David Miller and calling Tory a “three-time loser.” Trouble is, she only identified herself as “Sandra from Toronto” and, when asked if she worked for the city by co-host Tarek Fatah, she said no. Bussin’s voice was promptly recognized by many, and the next day, she was forced to admit it on the air to CFRB’s Dave Trafford. Rather than express contrition at the fib, she tried to rationalize it by saying she “works for her constituents.” Playing fast and loose with the facts when you’ve been caught being less than honest is never a good idea, and Bussin’s five minute phone call turned into days of front-page stories and vicious editorials. Lesson to all: when you make a mistake, own up, apologize, and don’t try and spin your way out of the hole. Put the shovel down, take your lumps, and don’t turn a momentary lapse of judgment into days of bad press.

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