Friday, September 25, 2009


And so it begins. Now, I’m a monthly Metropass subscriber – it comes in the mail, debited right out of my bank account – so as a matter of policy, I don’t want to see the price go up. But as a matter of communication, we are witnessing the start of a major communications play on the issue. There has been zero talk of a TTC fare hike until this week, when the issue landed squarely on the radar through what initially seemed like a good news story: TTC ridership is at record levels. But the flip-side was the fact that revenues are falling short of projections, with the blame being placed on the all-you-can-ride Metropasses proving way more popular than expected. I’d say the real story should be the TTC’s fumbling of its projections, but instead what is front-and-centre is the notion of a coming fare hike (January 1st has already emerged as the date), specifically on the price of the monthly pass. The debate will roil on between now and then, but this was clearly the launch of it – putting the idea out there, starting to rationalize the need, and getting people used to the notion. Stand clear of the doors and mind the gap, now.

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