Friday, September 25, 2009


Guest item compiled by Ed Lee

Here at TD&F we pride ourselves on the quality of the calls we make. However, there are some times when a call on the field is inconclusive and we have to head to the booth for review. Domino’s Pizza is one of these calls. Back in April, when a video was posted to YouTube featuring Domino’s employees doing unspeakable things to the food they were serving customers, we gave them a Fumble based on a slow response time and for not being on top of the online monitoring of their brand. Everything else, we thought, the team did extremely well. However, on review by the booth, we are changing that call to … Touchdown! What we couldn’t see was what actually went on behind the scenes and as this article shows, the Domino’s communications team followed the crisis communications manual to the letter. The team had the video in their sights within 45 minutes of it going live and clearly took all steps necessary to mitigate the damage to the brand. It just goes to show, in a time of crisis, events unravel at the speed of light. As a communications professional, you must be prepared for crises to hit, and to make quick decisions which will be put under the spotlight at a later date.

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