Friday, September 11, 2009


Team Huddle compiled by Lauren Cosentino

This Labour Day weekend, Grammy-winning rapper Ludacris took a break from crude lyrics and his bad boy rapper image to give back to the community. Luda gave out 20 cars to Atlanta residents in need. The promotion called "Stars for Cars-Luda Day Giveaway" was created by the rap star's charity, the Ludacris Foundation. Since then, Ludacris has hit the headlines across North America with nothing but positive press while also managing to secure photos with the contest winners in almost every piece of coverage. This celebrity CSR pass is complete and we’re awarding Luda with a game winning Touchdown. Fans may question his motives for going to such a charitable extent but it’s his attempt to broaden his appeal to the masses through a philanthropic effort that makes this communications play a good one. Could this be the restaging of the Ludacris brand? It could be a start at changing his persona from the bad boy pimp rapper to the successful business man and philanthropist. Luda showed his commitment to the cause and the beginning of his transformation stating, “this year we want to do something to help youth and families manage during tough economic times. Having a vehicle to get back and forth to work and day care can make the difference in getting and keeping a job.” With last year’s press surrounding degrading lyrics about Hilary Clinton and his record sales, this is a step in the right direction for him. In an ever-changing music scene, it is those who reinvent or evolve their brand (Madonna, The Beatles, etc.) that push the limits of their expiry date. While this remains to be seen for Ludicris…., the stars that seem to have the most longevity are the ones which give back and transcend music to become business people and brands in their own right.

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