Friday, September 11, 2009


The savvy Toronto Blue Jays Interim CEO Paul Beeston knows how not to speculate during a media interview. He was on the FAN 590 radio morning show live this week and was edged toward speculating about the future of Jays’ General Manager JP Ricciardi. Beeston skillfully discussed the facts as he knew them at that moment, namely that when the Major League Baseball season ends he will be reviewing a number of team personnel issues. He also said that, in his view, the team’s performance on-field and as a sports business was disappointing this season. He talked about the need for accountability. All those comments were excellent. They were facts “in the here and now” as we often refer to them. As a communicator you are always on solid ground when you talk about things you know to be true and factual “in the moment.” You cannot predict outcomes. Beeston came right out and told the sports radio station that he cannot speculate on the outcome of his review of various team personnel. It was a great example of someone recognizing he was being asked to speculate, telling his interviewers he recognized that, and stating flatly that he had no intention of doing it. It’s a solid response that works every time. As Bob Reid and I often discuss when media training, just remember the “here and now.”

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