Friday, September 18, 2009


The 25th annual MTV Video Music Awards aired this past Sunday. A-list celebs and screaming pre-teen girls were a huge part of the night’s event. Did you watch it? To recap: during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video, rapper Kanye West rushed out on to the stage, grabbed the microphone from Taylor and exclaimed that Beyonce’s video was the best of all time. It left the sweet 19-year old Taylor speechless. The next morning, the "Kanye Chronicles" was the hot topic of coverage with entertainment media. Most considered his outburst appalling and uncalled for. But as the week progressed, the story continued to unfold. The day right after the award show, Kanye sat next to Jay Leno, during the premiere of Leno’s new show, claiming how truly sorry he was. And then Wednesday brought buzz about an upcoming tour for the rapper himself. Coincidence? So what call do we make on Kanye? If his ‘tantrum’ was premeditated to stir up some buzz, perhaps we should consider a Touchdown for him. But in reality, his plan backfired. It was a clear Fumble. He took the ‘bad boy’ rapper image a bit too and if you ask me, it’s getting a bit old.

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