Friday, September 11, 2009


Gasp! Stephen Harper would prefer to be leading a majority government! Can you believe it?! As if there has ever been a politician who would rather be outnumbered by his opponents on a continuing basis … but in the hyper-exaggerated world of yet another possible election, this becomes big news – especially when “secretly” videotaped at a “private” speech to supporters, and then promptly leaked to the CBC. Mother Corp and the opposition leaders went hog-wild with it, trumping it up into one of the bigger political stories of the week. But the major Fumble here goes to Harper, who should know better than to expect that anything said in a room full of people might stay within the walls, in this day and technological age where every phone is a camcorder. Bill Walker and I once Media Coached a lower-level politician who was astonished that comments he made at a small town luncheon were suddenly the talk of the town even with NO recording device being employed. Comments made at any gathering by any public figure are ALWAYS public – or, at the very least, always potentially so.

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