Friday, August 7, 2009


As a communicator, you’ve got to walk your talk. It’s just that simple. Ergo, a Touchdown to Oshawa Mayor John Gray, for opting to drive – as his official vehicle – a Camaro. The same vehicle which I and every fellow geek I knew in high school dreamed that maybe, one day, we would own. Not a freakin’ chance. But I digress. The real story at play here is that Mayor Gray is coming under some fire for his choice in ride. Critics – well, one guy anyway – say he is setting a bad example by choosing a retro muscle car over a more environmentally-friendly option, but I say pay no mind, Your Worship: for you, sir, are being true to your brand. You are the Mayor of Oshawa, home of General Motors and, more importantly, home of the plant which makes the car you have selected. It’s not complicated: you gotta dance with the girl what brung ya. At a time when so many of its GM workers are being pink-slipped, now more than ever, the perception of the community’s leader will be based on what he does, in addition to what he says. So fire up that 8-track player and let it ride ...

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