Friday, August 7, 2009


I can’t set up this item any better than Mitch Potter of the Toronto Star’s Washington bureau wrote it yesterday: “It used to be that when you combined Greenpeace, an industrial giant and food in the same sentence, it would involve high-seas drama, with co-warriors spraying water cannons loaded with pie filling at the towering hull of a perceived corporate enemy. But there was no such mischief in Washington this week, when Greenpeace Canada sat down for a friendly dinner with Kimberly-Clark officials to sanctify a deal both sides vow will do wonders for the world’s vanishing forests.” The maker of such brands as Kleenex, Scott and Cottonelle has committed to a range of sustainable sourcing standards, and in exchange, Greenpeace is ending its “Kleercut” campaign which attacked Kimberly-Clark for its previous practices. This is an absolute “Man Bites Dog” story in the environmental realm, in that it is so different from the norm – and, as a result, it breaks through, big-time. You can’t help but want to know how it is that these lambs and lions are laying down together – and, as a result, you take in the mutually-beneficial messages from both sides.

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