Friday, August 7, 2009


Veritas Team Huddle compiled by Kathy Murphy
Veritas’ Marketing PR team believes that there are many keys to success when it comes to doing PR for a brand or product. One is clearly identifying your USP (unique selling proposition). A second is understanding your target and the relevant media. A third is developing authentic news and delivering it in a way that is relevant to the brand. We also believe strongly in the value of an integrated marketing approach – when all marketing channels sing from the same song sheet, you can’t lose. That’s why this week we are awarding Ford Motor Company with a Touchdown … actually several Touchdowns. Over the last several weeks (and for many weeks prior) there has been a constant flow of positive communications being driven by Ford. From denying the bailout, to the launch of products consumers want (like the Ecoboost announcement), winning safety awards (US Institute for Highway Safety), the release of positive sales results in July and the crowning of the Ford Fiesta as the Car of the Year by magazine Auto Express (after this leading selling car in Europe launched in North America recently) there has been a steady stream of good news stories. Most importantly, they are walking the walk. Ford committed to doing business better and is demonstrating their commitment with action. And they aren’t just communicating with their target audiences via traditional media, they are effectively leveraging social media as well. They are active online and encouraging consumers to use and share content. They’re giving people something to talk about and they’re talking. Just search #Ford on Twitter and you’ll see. As one colleague reminded me, a recession is a great time to up your marketing spend and redefine your brand. Ford is doing exactly that.

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