Friday, August 7, 2009


Since it’s mid-summer, let’s look at something on the lighter side. ABC’s wildly popular show The Bachelorette ended with Canadian Jillian Harris choosing Ed Swiderski of Chicago as the winner. He proposed marriage to her and the couple seems happy. Then came reports this week in US magazine and on ABC’s Good Morning America that Swiderski was cheating on Jillian with not just one, but two other girlfriends, allegedly even after he proposed. One of the girlfriends said on camera that Ed’s controversial decision to leave the show mid-way through for “work reasons” was actually to leave for her, and she provided photos of the two together during the time he was off the show, prior to his return to profess his undying love for Jillian. Who needs daytime soaps eh? The TD is for both Jillian and Ed who faced the GMA cameras, shooting down the allegations as “completely false.” Swiderski said there was “no truth whatsoever” to it and Harris said “I feel like I am in high school… I don’t have time for this nonsense… it’s just unfortunate.” Harris went one step further and said she won’t make decisions about her personal life “through the tabloids” and won’t make any other comments about the issue to the media. She said the media have “more important things” to talk about. It added to her credibility. The other thing that worked about the GMA interview was how comfortable the two seemed, smiling and laughing and joking. They didn’t seem stressed about the allegations at all – a comfortable body language statement that spoke volumes.

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