Friday, August 21, 2009


Veritas Team Huddle compiled by Libby Stunt

Twenty year old Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane was arrested alongside his 21 year-old cousin for allegedly roughing up a 62 year-old cab driver - over a 20-cent fare dispute. The pair has pleaded not guilty to robbery and other charges. On Monday, Kane issued a public statement to apologize for his actions from the previous week. He “sincerely apologized” for the pain he caused his family and the Blackhawks community, saying he put himself "in the wrong position at the wrong time.” While we give Kane a nod for acknowledging the situation and issuing a public statement, we think the way he apologized puts Kane back in the penalty box. Through his ‘quiet’ apology, he seems more ashamed and embarrassed for his family and teammates than remorseful. We note that, legally, he can’t apologize for something he is claiming he didn’t do, but just the same, he did not even reference the cab driver or his family. The statement was all about Kane and HIS family - which just adds to the arrogant “hot shot” label he has been slapped with by several hockey fans. The best power play he can make now is to behave. Kane will have to keep his stick on the ice for a while to prove that this was indeed an isolated (and offside) incident.

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