Friday, July 24, 2009


Poor Stewart Cink, right? The polite and mild-mannered PGA Tour player (he always reminded me more of an accountant than a golfer) wins his first major championship at the British Open and he happens to do it by destroying the Hollywood ending of 59-year-old Tom Watson, beating Watson in a playoff. The British press were not amused. The Scottish Sun called him “Stewart Stink,” while the Telegraph described him as “the giant ogre in a children's story,” and “the Shrek of Turnberry.” But then Cink delivered a great Touchdown by having some fun with it and winning over fans with a great approach. First, he drank Guinness out of the Claret Jug, the tournament trophy, which is a winning strategy unto itself. Then he went on David Letterman’s show to read a Top Ten list of “surprising facts” about himself. One was he would prefer the nickname “50 Cink,” a reference to the formerly bullet-ridden rapper. Others included “most people think I sell plumbing supplies” and “I called Tiger Woods last night. I laughed and hung up.” But the No. 1 fact? “Even I was rooting for Tom Watson.” It was a Touchdown-worthy – and funny – performance that used humour to undoubtedly win over many fans. It’s something to consider under the right circumstances. When done well, it can work.

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