Friday, July 10, 2009


Paul McCartney is playing in Halifax tomorrow. Having a Beatle (and let’s face it, we’re down to either him or Ringo now) perform anywhere is newsworthy, but Sir Cute Beatle draws massive crowds wherever he goes, and Halifax ain’t exactly concert megastar Mecca, so Macca coming to town is huge. I think it was sheer genius on the part of whoever it was that got Halifax Mayor Peter Kelly and Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter to play the parts of Paul and Ringo, respectively, in a photo shot at a Halifax crosswalk (with two other un-named accomplices) recreating the iconic Abbey Road album cover photo of the Beatles in mid-stride on that London zebra-crossing. The photo ran all over the country (helping raise Halifax’s profile as a tourist destination), and was a perfect way to visually advance an event yet to happen while also buying unparalleled cool-cred points for the two politicians involved.

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