Thursday, July 30, 2009


He was once heralded as the genius who would save American professional soccer. Then he became the pariah who criticized his teammates. Next he was the player who was too selfish and self-absorbed (according to a new book called The Beckham Experiment) and finally he became the guy who tried to escape back to a European team, AC Milan. David Beckham was finally back on U.S. soil for an exhibition match between AC Milan and his MLS team, the Los Angeles Galaxy after being forced to fulfill the terms of a rich contract he signed with the Galaxy – but he’s clearly not happy about it. Beckham basically lost his mind when Galaxy fans, part of a so-called Riot Squad section of the stands, booed and jeered him during the game and displayed banners saying: “Go Home Fraud” and “Is Evil Something You Are or Something You Do?” Beckham charged toward the Galaxy fan section at half time yelling obscenities, gestured for some of the fans to come down and meet him on the field, presumably to fight, then tried to scramble over some advertising boards to get at the fans himself, before security guards intervened. Then he was given a chance to apologize for his behavior and blew it off. “It’s not a setback for myself. It’s other people that have to change,” Beckham told reporters. “It’s not about whether I can move on. I wasn’t the one booing.” Beckham added of the fan behavior: “I think it was disrespectful.” That’s often the risk of superstardom from a communications perspective – you commit grievous Fumbles and you have absolutely no clue whatsoever. From a ‘good PR’ perspective, Beckham is done in L.A., he’s cooked. They would probably sell more tickets if they released him.

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