Friday, June 12, 2009


Runner-up American Idol, Adam Lambert, has mastered the art of “sex sells.” Kris Allen was the 2009 American Idol, but it is Lambert – the runner up – that landed the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.From day one of American Idol, Lambert has marketed himself like a brand. Whether it was his sky high hair, vibrant outfits or unique versions of classic songs, Adam kept the audience wanting more. Now, he’s using details about his personal life to enhance North American’s curiosity and fascination with the ‘Adam Lambert’ brand. Whether you’re a celebrity, corporation or not-for-profit, everything you do and everything you say should reflect your brand. Why? A strong brand is what sets you apart and helps you break through the clutter.When it comes to celebrities, Lambert is not alone. Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton have all marketed various aspects about their personals lives to enhance their ‘brand’. What do you think about celebrities using their personal lives to further their careers?

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