Friday, June 12, 2009


Veritas Team Huddle compiled by Matthew Naftolin.

When a great national news story presents itself, great communication can make the difference between a one day miracle and a season of great coverage. The Vancouver Aquarium was presented with such an opportunity when their 20 year-old Beluga whale gave birth to a calf. From the beginning, the aquarium made it clear that its number one priority was the health and well being of the calf and her mother. In this type of situation, temptation exists to jump right into a marketing campaign, but the aquarium resisted. Being dedicated to public education and the conservation of animals, this move strengthens their brand and message that the safety of their animals (and mammals) comes first. In addition, the Veritas Team feels that this provides them with future marketing possibilities that can extend the period of great coverage. The aquarium has already introduced a 24-hour webcam, educational learning programs on-site, and their vice-president, Clint Wright, has even hinted at involving the community in choosing a name. The fact that the association stayed true to its brand, earned them the continued respect of their customers and a Veritas Touchdown.

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