Monday, June 8, 2009


Thanks to the power of YouTube, Susan Boyle is now a household name in North America.Boyle made reality television history when she auditioned for the popular U.K. show Britain’s Got Talent. Despite her frumpy appearance, the 47-year-old church volunteer from Scotland blew the judges and audience away with her version of Les Miserables’ I Dreamed a Dream.Boyle sang her way through the Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals, but last week lost to a street dance group called Diversity. But her popularity has already taken flight, thanks to the online world.According to the Toronto Star, Boyle’s video on YouTube was viewed more than 200 million times. This attention lead to Boyle’s appearance on Oprah and fans worldwide include U.S. President Barack Obama and actress Demi Moore.When used wisely, YouTube truly can transcend oceans and international borders making it a very effective publicity tool. But, like all good public relations, it must break through the clutter. And there is a lot of clutter in the online world.If you need help breaking through online, give us a shout at com.motion.

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